Monday, March 14, 2011

A Well-Coordinated Search Leads to Lost Dog Being Found

As you all know, one of the main areas that I focus on as an animal communicator is assisting with lost animals. In addition to communicating with the lost animal, I also do map dowsing in order to determine their general location.

Recently, I was contacted by a volunteer with Furry Friends Network, to help locate Daisy Mae, a 7 year old German Shepherd mix who escaped when she was being transported from one rescue group to another.

If you followed the story on Facebook, you know that this story had a happy ending. But what I was so impressed with was how well-coordinated the group of volunteers were in searching for Daisy Mae. They created hundreds of flyers and posted them everywhere, they created a page on Facebook, and they asked everyone that worked outdoors in the area where Daisy Mae went missing to keep an eye out for her.

During my communication with Daisy Mae, she was seen by a turnpike worker. Part of my communication with Daisy Mae was to ask her to show herself and allow someone to help her.

From what I understand from the volunteer coordinating the search, as volunteers approached Daisy Mae, she didn't run away from them like she had before when approached. This allowed her to be taken to safety and then on to her new foster home.  

I thought I would share Daisy Mae's story with all of you because it had a very happy ending. 

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