Saturday, July 16, 2011

How do you Deal with Cat Hair?

I recently read a helpful article by Dr. Amy Wolff about how to reduce the amount of cat hair in your house, car, clothes and furniture. As I know from personal experience, cat hair can definitely cause allergies to flare up. Plus, who wants to sit on a couch covered with any type of pet hair?

Here are a few strategies that Dr. Wolff suggested for controlling pet hair.

Grooming - Keeping your pet well groomed is by far the most important step you can take in controlling the hair in your home.
Furniture - Decrease the amount left is to discourage your pet from getting on the furniture.  Give your pets comfortable beds or pet furniture and a specific place to lie. If your pet has already adopted a couch or chair as his favorite spot, try treating it with a fabric protector.

Carpets - Regular vacuuming will help remove most of the pet hair.
Clothing - Pet hair rollers and brushes with specialized cloth that will capture hair in the nap of the fabric. A fabric softener dryer sheet can also be rubbed over the surface of clothing as a pet hair pick up.

The Car - Draping the seat with a towel or sheet is the easiest way to prevent hair from working its way into the seat. If practical, keep your pet in a carrier when traveling in the car. It's safer and prevents shedding in the vehicle.
Shed-less Pets - If pet hair is still a problem, consider breeds that shed less than others or hairless breeds such as the Sphinx cat.

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