Thursday, April 28, 2011

Disaster Preparedness for Animals

In light of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, natural disasters have been at the forefront in everyone’s mind. You never know when or where a natural disaster is going to strike. You may have a plan for yourself but, does it include your pets?
The HSUS has a great web page that helps you design your plan. They first recommend starting with the basics:
·         Prepare a plan (even for everyday emergencies), including identifying a place to stay that will accept your pets 
·         Develop a checklist for all your pets’ supplies and medical information
·         Identify a friend, neighbor, or family member who can take care of your pet if you are away
The federal government now officially supports including pets in disaster plans. In 2000, The HSUS and FEMA signed a partnership agreement to encourage and assist people who want to safeguard their pets in a natural disaster. The agreement allows people to bring their pets with them to stay at the shelters. But don’t assume any shelter you go to will allow you to keep your dog or cat with you. Be sure and check with your local officials and confirm that you will be allowed to evacuate with your pets and that shelters that take people and their pets is available in your area.
For more information about disaster preparedness for pets, livestock and horses, please click on the respective links that will take you to the HSUS web site.

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